Validated Pain Management

The Empowered Pain Patient

- Enhancing Shared Decision Making and Patient Centered Care



Want to be directly and actively involved in you pain management both in understanding, decisions, and evaluation of treatment?


Want to have your pain experience and the pain’s impact on your life validated and acknowledged by your healthcare providers?


Want to get an understanding of pain and find out why you feel like you do?


Then the book “The Empowered Pain Patient” is for you.


The book The Empowered Pain Patient empowers patients to take active part in pain management and find the best treatment options together with the healthcare professionals, and evaluate the effect of treatments.


The book provides an understanding of some of the mechanisms leading to chronic pain, how it involves other aspects of life, and living with pain is much more than the pain alone. A method to validate and acknowledge the pain and its impact on life.




Somewhere around 25-40% of the population in the western world live a life with pain - often severe pain. It is noteworthy that despite differences in healthcare systems the high prevalence is approximately the same across nations. Chronic pain is not just pain from an injury lasting longer time.


Validated Pain Management is ongoing customized pain management. Based on individualized information about the pain and quality of life from the scientifically validated tool DoloTest®, developed to let the patient take part in the interpretation of test results. The pain and its impact is acknowledged, and information about pain mechanisms is individualized depending of what the patient experiences.


The empowered pain patient is active in the pain management and together with the healthcare provider(s), sets goals for the treatment and evaluate and adjust the effect of treatment together.


The DoloTest® includes a checklist to make sure relevant items are covered, and the collection of tests documents and tell the story of the pain management process.



Information provided by this website and in communication herefrom, in the absence of a visit with a healthcare professional, must be considered as an educational service only. This website and book is to provide you with information that will help you make your own healthcare decisions. Always consult any treatments or changes with your doctor.

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